Guided support for your Inner Artist

Would you benefit from accountability through a supportive community?

Do you dream big, but have trouble with follow through?

Do you miss the structure and support of the university and conservatory setting?

There's a lot that goes into being an artist: maintaining our craft, being an entrepreneur, promoting ourselves, working weird hours, making ourselves vulnerable on a regular basis, dealing with rejection, irregular finances. Whew! It's a lot to even contemplate all the challenges! 


April/May Musician’s Mastermind

Here’s what happens in a Mastermind:

·         Two hour meetings every other week for eight weeks;

·         Meetings in my home on the Northwest side of Chicago, near the expressway and Blue Line;

·         Small groups with a maximum of 4 participants in a session;

·         Individual attention with 20-25 minutes devoted to discussing your goals, reviewing the previous two weeks, and coming up with a plan for the next two weeks;

·         Group discussion on a theme suggested by me or the group and spending 15-20 minutes sharing about specific aspects of our lives as musicians and artists;

·         Email check-in and friendly reminders on the non-meeting weeks, reminding you of your specific goals for the week and assisting with problem solving any obstacles that have developed.

Things to expect from the 8 Week Musician’s Mastermind:

·         Accountability

·         Group mind

·         Sharing resources

·         Goal setting

·         Clarity of tasks for each week

·         Support for struggles

·         Celebrations of successes

·         Discussions about topics relevant to our lives as artists, such as setting a ritual and creating structure for yourself, getting to know the inner critic, dealing with performance anxiety, etc.

Inner Artist Coaching

If you are a person who has endless ideas about cool projects you could be tackling, but lack the clarity to decide where to commit your energy, another service I’m offering is Inner Artist coaching. An hour of time with me, dedicated to sifting through all your options, and honing in on the project(s) that will be best suited to your timeline and circumstances.

·         One 60 minute One-on-One session prior to the start of the Mastermind

·         Two 60 minute One-on-One sessions; 1 prior to the start of the Mastermind, 1 halfway through the 8 weeks




8 week Musician Mastermind session – $85

4 spots per group

To register, click here. Indicate which time you prefer.


One-on-One Sessions

One 60 minute One-on-One session – $60

Two 60 minute One-on-One sessions – $110