Is this for you?

Holistic IFS coaching is for anyone who senses there is more they want – more ease, more clarity, more confidence, more action, more rest. This kind of coaching can help you find a deeper sense of confidence and acceptance of you as a person. While a lot of coaching is action focused, and that might be a possible direction we would take in working together, for other people, the actions are turned inward. There is a lot of action in working with the inner parts of one’s personality, which over time, leads to a holistic way of being more fully you. All of this inner work might have external action too, sustained by that deeper confidence, creativity, and courage.

This might be for you if:

  • You’re feeling stuck in some way. Wanting to make a change, yet afraid of taking action. So reasonable to feel pulled in both directions, yet it’s leaving you frustrated or depressed or angry or….

  • You have a longing for something nameless, maybe wanting some protection from the onslaught of energies, of politics, of family, of work, of social obligations.

  • You have an upcoming audition or performance. You’ve done all your prep and know your material inside and out. And then, BAM, nerves knock you sideways. It takes all the fun out of the experience, because the anxiety overrides everything else.

  • You have a desire to do something creative and artistic. But maybe it’s hard to fit into your busy life. Or follow through is hard. Or figuring out next steps. It can be overwhelming.

  • You have success. You have a busy life, a full resume. Yet, you still are not finding happiness. In fact, this resume and past successes are weighing you down and feeling like pressure. “I should be happy. Not everyone gets this far. Isn’t this what I’ve been seeking my whole career?”

  • You invested time and energy and years into your art. But the prescribed path forward doesn’t seem to be working, or it doesn’t fit you.

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