Do you ever say something like this to yourself?

“I’m afraid to audition and open myself to criticism and rejection.”

“I’ll never be good enough – {performer x] is always better than me.”

 “I’ve always wanted to do my own recital, cabaret, teaching studio, [fill in the blank…] but never seem to have enough time or energy or commitment or ….”

What if, instead of these refrains repeating in your head, you were able to:

·         Decipher between helpful feedback and criticism that isn’t useful for you;

·         Decide on a plan, get feedback and support, and stick to it;

·         Notice and stop the deadly comparison game;

·         Prioritize what’s meaningful and shape your time to reflect your true priorities;

·         Increase your trust in yourself.

Problem 1: Fear

Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of success: the truth is, fear is universal. While fear acts a protective mechanism to keep us safe, it does not help us live meaningful lives or find true success. The goal is not to get rid of the fear, but learn how to identify it, listen to what it has to teach us, and then laser in on the work you are meant to do.

Problem 2: Lack of Support

Because many of us work by ourselves, we lack external sources of accountability. There is no boss who makes sure we follow through on our goals and objectives. Instead, as solopreneurs we must be our own boss, the CEO of the company, the employee, the tech support, the colleague, and the janitor. That’s a lot of responsibility for one person!

Problem 3: Self doubt

I don’t know about you, but I believed for many years that teachers and coaches had all the answers. Seeking outside validation, what I did not learn was how to trust myself, how to dig in internally for the answers, how to live in gray areas, and how to decipher through criticism to find the nuggets of truth.


Connect to and nurture your Inner Artist, and find support with other like-minded Artists.

Your Inner Artist: that part of you which is compelled to be creative, to be a performer, to make music.  It is you, the artist, unhampered by doubts and fears, ready to take the next step with conviction and passion.

There is so much emphasis on training our instruments, and yet so much of our lives as performers and artists involves the mental game of performing and the business side of being an solopreneur. Just as we learn our music through mindful practice, using tools from Inner Artist Group Coaching, you can grow and enhance your connection to your Inner Artist. Strengthening your Inner Artist will provide new levels of clarity, commitment, and artistry in your business.


I cannot praise Musician's Mastermind high enough. It was eye-opening, inspirational, and supportive. I have so many new tools to achieve on my own, and a new group of friends who are on the same journey as I. I cannot wait for the next session to start so I can continue this valuable work.  -- Alicia Berneche, internationally acclaimed soprano,

Inner Artist Group Coaching

In 5 sessions, you will learn the tools to address your fears, connect to your Inner Artist, and take effective steps towards your goals.

Session 1 – Your Inner Mentor: connect with your Inner Mentor to see the new way forward.

Session 2 – Your Optimal Self: get to know your Optimal Self, and use your Optimal Self to help with practicing, visualization, and decision making.

Session 3 – Inner Critic: who is it, why do we have it, and how do we make friends with it.

Session 4 – Fear Parts: what part of you is afraid and why? What we can do to help calm those young and tender parts of us.

Session 5 – Your Personal Motivators: what motivates you as an artist? How do you persevere even when obstacles are present?

Result: Tools to deal with inner obstacles and forward action in projects that matter most to you!


This freelancer lifestyle lacks the deadline structure that can help so many of us focus on specific goals and actually bring them to fruition. With Marta, I swiftly realized that my goals can include small things, like daily schedules, and big things, like career achievements. Her gentle reminders were and continue to be the little nudges that keep me on task in my performing and teaching life, and have contributed to many things in my personal life as well! Elise LaBarge, soprano, founder of the Irving Sisters,

Here’s what happens in the Inner Artist Group Coaching:

·         Two hour meetings 

·         Meetings in my home on the Northwest side of Chicago, near the expressway and Blue Line;

·         Small group with a maximum of 6 participants;

·         Inner Artist Coaching covering topics such as Inner Critic, your Optimal Self, your Inner Mentor, and more;

·         Handouts and exercises to accompany each session;

·         Approximately 10-15 minutes per person devoted to discussing your goals, and coming up with a specific plan for the next two weeks;

·         Email check-in and friendly reminders in between sessions, reminding you of your specific goals for the week and assisting with problem solving any obstacles that have developed.


I have gotten what I needed from the group, motivation to continue my video project and the motion I needed to keep that momentum going. 
Adam Davidowitz, violinist,

Schedule: Saturdays, 10 am-12 pm

Sept 24th

Oct 1st

Oct 22nd

Oct 29th

Nov 5th

Fee: $150


I truly love singing. Thanks, Marta, for helping me to identify my innermost priorities and create a plan to accomplish them with greater focus.   Ingrid Israel Mikolajczyk, soprano


The meetings helped to make one feel a part of a community.  A community in knowing that others are struggling with the same questions and concerns and that those very same others may be the ones you are looking at as good models or examples of what and who to be. It also helps to have the moderator/leader/Mama Marta there to really streamline the concerns into manageable steps.  Rae-Myra Hilliard, purveyor and performer of classical vocal works by composers of color,