Healing Performance Anxiety Class

Slowing down in the Pre-Performance moments

If you feel pressure in performance, and a negative change in your ability to function when the pressure is on, this class will help.

We will not make this change by thinking better thoughts, or having the right mindset, or practicing exposure to pressure.

Instead, we will slow down when the nerves show up.

When it's your turn for coaching, you will do everything you normally do in pre-performance preparations. Pick the piece, have a designated time to perform, do any rituals that you normally do, walk to the spot in the room, and get ready for go-time.

There will be lots of safety and care for you, as we work with these tender and vulnerable parts of you that feel nervous and anxious. We will get curious. We will explore and welcome and make space for the emotions. The actual performance is optional, depending upon what is most needed for you and your nerves.

This will change the nature of your relationship with fear and anxiety. Rather than a fight to push those feelings away, and keep them locked down, this will be actual healing of the fears.

I liked being able to sing and then just stop and discuss what was going on in my head. It really calmed the voices-just having them be heard, in real time, in the moment.
My normal routine of shaming and dreading have really taken a back seat and I feel like I am hearing other singers in a more realistic light and not automatically thinking everyone is so much more advanced than I am.

Here are the details:

  • Dates: Saturdays Nov 4, Nov 11; 10 am - 12 pm
  • Time spent in discussion, journaling, teaching, and coaching
  • $65 for two classes; and guarantee of one performance coaching
  • $25 for single class participation without performance coaching
  • Any repertoire, style, or genre is welcome, including music, dance, acting, public speaking, etc.
  • Email me at Marta@InnerArtistry.space to reserve your space. Questions welcome too!