I spent the last dozen or so years living the freelance musician life: gigging, playing for the major music organizations in Chicago, one-on-one vocal coaching, and recitaling with singers. In that time I’ve learned and experienced the serious ups and downs that come with being an artist – making a living in the arts, staying connected to why you’ve committed to years of schooling and refining your craft, taking care of yourself, following through on creative projects and dreams, taking risks. The world can be so unfriendly to creative and performing people and I’ve lived the joys and challenges firsthand.

A few years ago I had a serious bout of performance anxiety. I was stuck, frozen, afraid, ready to give up. Instead, seeking help has led me on a great journey of self exploration, learning, and healing.

In addition to a BA in piano performance, an MM in Collaborative Arts as my formal degrees, I’ve done several apprenticeship and summer programs, and I spent a year in improv classes with IO Chicago. I’ve had great auditions and performances, and horrible auditions and rejections. I recently finished a yearlong training in Internal Family Systems, which I now use as my primary model in Performance and Creativity coaching.

Additionally, I volunteered for a number of years with Planned Parenthood, Rape Victim Advocates, and IMPACT Chicago, building the capacity to hold space and non-judgement for people in intense trauma and vulnerability. I'm a mom to a busy toddler, and partnered with an actuary who balances out my emotional life with many spreadsheets and math.