Do any of these situations hit home?

  • You have an upcoming audition or performance. You’ve done all your prep and know your material inside and out. And then, BAM, nerves knock you sideways. You feel so shaky and incompetent inside, and maybe people on the outside can tell it’s bad too. Yet, it almost doesn’t matter how you perform because the process and these feelings are so darn unpleasant and frustrating.
  • You are creative and often inspired. You have ideas coming out the wazoo. Finding fun and creative ideas are not your problem. You get revved up, excited, vibrating with energy to start a project. But follow-through…well that is a different story. You’ve been working diligently for a while now, seeing progress. But oh my god, when is it going to be finished? Forget it.  You have a new and better idea. This one is sure to work!
  • You have a desire to do something artistic. But you also have a day job. Maybe you have kids and/or a partner. How in the world can you contemplate making art or performing when it’s a struggle to simply keep all the balls afloat?
  • You have success. You have a resume filled with top-of-your-field listings. Yet, you still are not finding happiness. In fact, this resume and past successes are weighing you down and feeling like pressure. “I should be happy. Not everyone gets this far. Isn’t this what I’ve been seeking my whole career?”
  • Your calendar is full. Teaching, performing, gigging, art-ing, creating. Lots to keep you busy. Yet your pocketbook is suffering. You are always struggling to pay the bills. Overwork + irregular finances = exhaustion.
  • You keep putting yourself out there. One audition after the next. They say to treat auditioning like it’s your job. But dammit, this job is making you miserable because all you get are rejections.
  • You invested time and energy and years into your art. But you’ve taken a break. You haven’t made money from it. You feel like you’re alone and have given up on trying to make art happen. You have the desire to try again, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over.

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