You have committed so much time and energy to the arts because of a deep connection, a deep longing, to create, to make a difference. You have gifts that need an audience, a viewing, a reader. At the same time, you want to be fairly paid and yet meet your artistic standards.

You are passionate, but if you're like many artists, you might be confronted with both inner and outer obstacles on your path – performance anxiety, rejections, fear, irregular income. You might feel different than those around you, somehow not fitting into the mold presented by family, by school and teachers, by others who have made it. And while you might have some or a lot of successes, somehow you have yet to find that happiness you feel like you've been promised.

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Hi, I'm Marta Johnson Lettofsky, a performance and creativity coach, and I help people cultivate Inner Artistry. Your Inner Artist is that part of you who already is confident, creative, compassionate, resilient. Everyone has an Inner Artist, and this part of you brings forth your best qualities. Yet sometimes Artistry is bound up, covered up, hindered by fears and wounds. 

I get it, being a creative or a performer has it's challenges. I know it and you know it. But I know from my personal experience and from working with clients, turning inward, uncovering and healing the tender parts, that is what leads to Inner Artistry. It is Inner Artistry that can truly help you to clarify your artistic needs and nurture resilience, leading to more success and creative fulfillment.

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Inner Artist coaching can help you cultivate:
Resilience * Groundedness * Self-Trust * Courage * Focus * Boundaries