Inner Artist Coaching - How it works

Perhaps you’re here because you are experiencing some inner discomfort or pain around your artistic life. The more standard course of action is to push these uncomfortable feelings away, or build up enough 'mental stamina' to block them, or ignore, or work around the feelings.

Rather than push away the distasteful feelings, what would it be like to welcome all emotions and experiences? Each part of what you experience and feel is important to your process. There are real and legit reasons that you are experiencing discomfort in your process!

In this process of welcoming, some emotions will transform and soften while the essential and authentic kernel of YOU uncovers your true, innate abilities, in order to be your best artist self. The way we do this is:

1.       Identify and welcome the parts of you that are at play with compassionate curiosity. 

2.       Build relationships with all of these parts of you.

3.       Work with your whole system to enhance the parts of you best suited for the artistic work, while honoring and taking care of the parts that hold concerns and fears. 

4. Taking care of the burdens that are held in your system allows your true and best Self to emerge and lead the way forward with more Courage, Creativity, Confidence, Calm, Compassion, Clarity, Curiosity, and Connection. 

Inner Artist Coaching helps you reconnect with the joys and desires of artistry, as well as targeting the areas that challenge you. This is not a "push through your fear" kind of program. I have completed Level 2 training of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and coaching, which gets at the heart of your fears and concerns, resulting in true healing. IFS is known for its gentleness and effectiveness, originally developed with survivors of trauma, and now applied to any area of healing and growth. You can read more about IFS here.

Sessions can be in person or via Skype.

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Vocal Coaching

With over ten years of experience as a vocal coach, we focus on your unique strengths, and help boost your areas of resistance or weakness. I trust that you are wise and that we can dive into work at any point of your process (meaning, you don't have to have your music memorized, or polished, or any state other than what it is). I can help you connect to your internal wisdom, your authentic voice, your most creative side, while healing the stumbling blocks. And if you have trouble trusting that you are wise and know what you're doing, I can help with that too!


Marta’s style of coaching and helping you navigate the many parts of yourself is both powerful and gentle. When you’re worn out, low, or duking it out with your inner critic, it can feel like there's nowhere steady to place your feet, but Marta has a skillful and compassionate way of helping you create your own safety. By the end of our sessions I always feel much lighter, with a clear sense of what I can do immediately to  tend to the parts of me that are in need and want to be heard. Therapy and self help can sometimes seem so serious and at-arm’s-length. IFS coaching with Marta is different. Marta is so welcoming and funny that you almost forget you are doing deeply impactful, transformative work together. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. Marta is warm, heart-centered, and supportive, but most importantly, she will help you build up those qualities in and for yourself. Emily Burrows, self care coach and yoga teacher,

Marta Johnson Lettofsky is a "coach" in the truest sense of the word.  Her musical intelligence and ability to help a singer prepare a score are matched by her thorough understanding of performance psychology.  She has assisted me in developing personalized practice methods, exercises and tactics to address performance anxiety.  My performing has become more mindful, and in turn, more successful.  She is a sensitive musician and an understanding soul.  Daniel Shirley, tenor,

As a professional actress, a large part of my job is auditioning for upcoming projects. It’s often a very vulnerable and nerve-wracking process, but it’s necessary to sustaining a career. Over the past several years, I developed a debilitating case of stage fright, particularly when it came to auditioning for musical theatre. I was left frustrated with myself and was certain that this fear was costing me jobs. Marta worked with me to develop personalized techniques to conquer those fears and imagine a positive outcome to my auditions. I’m happy to report that after practicing these techniques, I've recently been cast in a world-premiere of a new musical at a Tony-Award-winning regional theatre.  Tiffany Scott, actress