Being an artist, a performer, an entrepreneur can be challenging in this world and culture. There might be a set of outer challenges you experience, like irregular income, rejections, weird work hours. And inner challenges, like performance anxiety, burnout, feeling like you don't fit in, unhappiness. 

Inner Artistry is an invitation to explore these circumstances with warmth and compassion. An invitation to turn inward, because in going inward, new connections are made, new freedom is found, new resilience is opened.

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Hi, I'm Marta Johnson, IFS practitioner, performance and creativity coach, and I help people uncover their natural Inner Artistry. Your Inner Artist is that part of you who already is confident, creative, compassionate, resilient. Everyone has an Inner Artist, and this part of you brings forth your best qualities. Yet sometimes Artistry is bound up, covered up, hindered by fears and wounds. 

I work with creatives, performers, curious explorers, entrepreneurs, and parents. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter to see if this work resonates with you. Signing up also gives you access to two videos on Dealing with Fear, and occasional posts with real talk about being in the trenches of the arts, as well as listings of all upcoming classes.

If you’d like to read more about who benefits from this work, click here. If you'd like to read more about the process, please click here. Contact me anytime at or 773-793-0864. I welcome connection with you via email, video chat, phone, and in person. 

Inner Artist coaching can help you cultivate:
Resilience * Groundedness * Self-Trust * Courage * Focus * Boundaries